Our team can undertake all aspects of your Optical Fibre and Data Network Construction needs.

Optical Fibre Cable Hauling and Installation

Our resources have the knowledge and skill to complete any type of cable hauling installation. No matter how small or large the project, our highly qualified team has the expertise, resources and equipment to complete any type of installation. Our equipment comprises of calibrated Optical Fibre cable winches mounted on 4WD vehicles to access the most difficult of locations. In rural fibre ploughing situations the optical fibre cable is ploughed in via the zero tension ploughing technology equipment fitted to our dozer. Furthermore our staff can install sub duct and blowing installation technique of cable placement in the subduct. In building installations, our team is focused on minimal disruption to tenants while our works are in progress.

Optical Fibre Splicing

We have the expertise and equipment to carry out splicing of multi-mode cable, single mode cable and ribbon fibre cable. Our project experience in carrier networks, WAN or LAN Networks set us above our competitors. Our staff are experienced and worked on all cable sheath types, submarine, rodent proof, high tensile, or armoured cable our team has the knowledge. With the changing nature of our industry our team is up to date with all types of joint enclosure installations.

Optical Fibre Testing

Testing of each and every fibre is imperative to ensure an optical fibre’s integrity. Our testing capabilities include OTDR tracing, Power metre insertion loss testing, PMD and DWDM testing. FNE Communications we invest heavily in our test equipment, and we are able to completely certify your new or existing Optical Fibre cabling system. We can provide you properly certified test results, which can give you the confidence going forward that your network does what it was designed to do.

Optical Fibre Commissioning

Our team of highly qualified technicians can carry out commission testing of all types of systems to meet a client’s requirements. From customer equipment to network bearer’s, road side cabinets, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH,PDH and ISDN.

Project Management

The in house team of Project Managers are experienced in all type of telecommunications installations. Each Project Manager has multiple years’ experience working on carrier networks. Our team will ensure each project is managed to the highest standard with focus on project timing, resources and budgets. Our companies high standard focus on quality, heath, safety and environmental factors will guarantee each project is completed to the clients satisfaction. From undertaking Site Audits to developing a Scope of Works, to providing information on how to construct a new Network with compliance to the applicable standards and codes. All compiled within a comprehensive Audit Report or Project Designs for the client, to their requirements.

Civil Works

The FNE team is equipped to complete open trenching, directional drilling, pit installations and manhole installations. Furthermore our team is highly experienced in roadside cabinet installations of FTTN cabinets, micro node, FDH cabinets and CMUX cabinets. During our works our teams pay particular attention to site safety and the environmental impacts of our works. Each project a site is restored and reinstatement to the highest standard.

Vacuum Excavations

It is imperative that any excavation is performed in the most safest way possible. With the underground service alignments becoming congested vacuum excavation is now becoming the preferred method of excavation. Vacuum excavation is a non-destructive hydro excavation technique widely accepted as the safest way to expose or excavate around underground services. Our company offers vacuum excavation services with our own vacuum unit for excavating in congested areas or in environmentally sensitive areas.

Asbestos Removal

FNE is an accredited licenced asbestos removal company. Our staff are trained and accredited in Class B asbestos removal. Staff are accredited in asbestos removal CPCCOHS1001A and supervise asbestos removal CPCCBC4051A. Our qualified staff possess Telstra WPA accreditation for the removal of ACM pits in the Telstra network.

Gold Coast Light Rail Project Stage 1 and Stage 2

This project was a first for the Gold Cost with Stage 1 comprising of 13 kilometres of rail and 16 new stations and an operations command centre. Stage 2 comprised of 8 kilometres of rail and 3 new stations. This light rail system is crucial for the transportation needs for the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the growth of the city. FNE were the installers of the redundant optical fibre network system connecting all stations, PABX and emergency help telephones, CCTV system, Public address system, Public information display systems and the TETRA radio system for the light rail vehicles.

Optical Fibre
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